Private Law


Company Legal Services include natural and legal people of private law for legal consultations, preparation of contracts, negotiations and legal representation in court and accompany private arbitration, as well as all the appropriate state agency, which is in dispute settlement.

Company lawyers provided legal counseling and legal assistance will be able to minimize the existing risks connected with the use and disposal of real estate and personalty ownership.

In the direction of private law, our employees many years of experience will allow you to get the highest level of legal services in areas such as insurance, property, contract, liability, banking, medical, hereditary labor, corporate and construction law.

Administrative Law


Our company is one of the leaders in the field of administrative law, legal service provision. All above mentioned is defined by the years of experience of our company employees in public administration, which is a significant advantage to the firm in this direction.

You can get service in the areas of administrative law, such as issues related to Tbilisi City Hall and the City Council; Tbilisi municipality related disputes; National Property Management Agency; Tbilisi Architecture Service; National Agency of Public Registry; Finance and other ministries related disputes.

Services also include documentation preparation and application procedures for the administrative authorities, at any field, which is also in need of legal and technical requirements, which is assured by our qualified firm as well.

Construction Law


Our company is one of the leaders in the field of construction law. All of above is proved by the long term experience of our staff in administrative bodies referring to building permits, which creates additional experience and knowledge that can be very beneficial for you.

Construction law covers both the private as well as the administrative direction, depending on the need of big or small construction project. The service includes coefficients K 1 and K 2 (development and development intensity ratio) related issues, including increased options to appeal to anyone else, as well as your rejected and disputed development dimensions in size and representing you in court, as well as administrative bodies. City planning documents (st. Tbilisi and other relevant general plan approved by the council) approved changes to the legal side of the project area, which will allow construction zones in accordance with the construction and development of a particular area.

Corporate legal service, the service is particularly practical and effective for large and small construction companies, who need to be provided in addition to the construction aspects of legal issues, contracts, public registry spaces registration, negotiations and in the direction of other similar needs.

Services are also effective for individuals and legal entities, who have been complained about the construction obtained documents (building permits, architectural planning assignment  or other), when they refuse to accept the building permit or if such people have complained to other construction documents when the project is harming their legitimate rights and interests.

Our company offers corporate Legal services, which are divided into unlimited, and standard packages. This service is financially very  profitable for the firms that want to have the highest level of the regulated juridical documentation and related aspects. The package is very practical for medium-sized companies, which do not have their own legal department and allow you to get the benefits of the company’s most important 7 legal services.

Corporate Law


1. Unlimited law consulting service.
The service is very profitable for business especially when a number of legal issues are in the agenda as for the contract between the potential parties, so as with the active clients and other subjects. Any company has the need to take a legally correct decision that is necessary to avoid further problems, which help and support will be given by our experienced lawyers.

2. Preparation and revision of contracts
Any firm operates by entering into agreements. This is a document by which you will receive the rights and obligations, accordingly, legally faulty contract can cause a great harm to your business and reputation as well. To avoid such kind problems, you can use our company’s lawyers with largest experience in the direction of contracts, who have worked for the largest Georgian and foreign firms contracts as well.

3. Procurement of legal services
This is the service for companies that are willing to participate in the tender, with the need to find and prepare a set of tender documents for the purchase. Our company’s experience in this field will largely increase your chances of success, which will not be limited to only the tender documents for legal compliance, but also will include such aspects as the foreseeing risks, counseling services in the appropriate directions.

4.Statutes, regulations, General meeting`s decisions, letters and other legal documents for functionality.
Since their establishment, the companies have a need to have an efficient corporate documentation. The most important of all is a statute that virtually defines the powers of the company’s governance and other issues. Because of these factors, as well as other corporate documents, it should be drawn up taking into account the tiniest details and estimation of future risks, which help will provide our firm.
5. Unlimited service during the negotiations in connection with the accompanying
Any firm needs to be represented in the meetings of the entity, which has extensive experience in negotiations. Our lawyers will provide the best legal services in connection with the meetings of the accompaniment, which is the key to saving much time and energy, as well as will give you the opportunity to quickly get information about the possible risks and potential dangers of the specific transaction.
6. Provision of legal labor relations
Firms which have a certain number of employees, need a legal regulation of labor relations. Our firm will simplify the labor issues, such as decrets, starting, suspending and tarminating labor relations, which will avoid you further potential problems.
7. Judicial and administrative bodies of legal representation.
Our firm’s corporate package is particularly advantageous for a number of companies, which have an average size and financial relationships with clients or other individuals. The service includes preparation of the documentation related to your firm’s problematic issues, the full legal action, and the revision of juridical representation to all three instances of the court, and if necessary, a representative services cover administrative authorities and private arbitration.


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